Mythreye Lab

The Goal of Mythreye's lab 

is to develop an in depth understanding of
mechanisms and consequences of altered growth factor availability and signaling . Emphasis is laid on cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumor progression and metastasis. Our approach is cross-disciplinary interfacing with biochemistry, molecular cell biology and tumor metastasis models. Our overall mission is thus to discover innovative avenues for developing therapeutics

Current and prior research funded by: NCI and NIGMS (NIH),  OCRFA,  Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer,  American Cancer Society, and  the University of South Carolina.



Lab Member News and Upcoming Events
  • Congratulations to Ben and Zainab for 'flash talks' at FASEB
  • Congratulations to Ben Horst for advancing to PhD Candidacy! 
  • Congratulations to Ben Horst for receiving the 'Bouknight Teaching Award' 2018
  • Seok Choi and Zainab Shonibare for successfully defending their research plans!