The Goal 

is to develop an in depth understanding of
mechanisms and consequences of altered signaling in disease. Emphasis is on cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumor progression and metastasis in gynecological cancers. Our approach is cross-disciplinary interfacing with biochemistry, molecular cell biology and systems approaches . Our overall mission is to discover innovative avenues for developing therapeutics. The lab is committed to an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment promoting a culture of all-round respect to improve research and professional success for the individual ( at all levels) and the team as a whole. 

Current and prior research funded by: NCI and NIGMS (NIH),  O'Neil Comprehensive Cancer Center and Department of Pathology UAB, OCRFA,  Rivkin Center &ACS  


Lab Member News and Upcoming Events
  • We welcome a new Post Doc to the Lab: Eduardo Listik: from Sao Paolo University. 
  • Lab has a new home at the O'Neil Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB.
  • Congratulations to Kevin Tabury for defending and passing his Comprehensive exam
  • Congratulations to Ben and Zainab for 'flash talks' at FASEB